4Elements Esports is excited to announce its new League of Legends team composed of talented young athletes familiar to the Benelux esports scene as well as international talents with a strong potential. The roster is composed of the following players:


  • Pascal "Psclly" Gilling (Top)
  • Dániel “Frenzy” Csönge (Jungle)
  • Finn “Atlas” Tempelaar (Mid)
  • Michał “Mìś” Kopacz (Botlane)
  • Kamil “xCharm” Linchard (Support)
  • Tim “Limpix” Halma (Team Manager)
  • Aleksandar “thinunclephil1” Makarovski (Head Coach)
  • Ryan “AKM Mayonnaise” Wilding (Assistant Coach)



We are delighted and proud to welcome them in the 4E family. The team will represent 4Elements Esports in the Belgian League (www.belgianleague.lol), one of the two official leagues in the Benelux region. Our selected athletes combine all the qualities required for success and represent the core values of the 4Elements brand. The talent, mentality and endurance of our players are key in promoting the 4Elements brand and will lead us to the top of the regional esports scene.




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